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paulwackers2 Ideas are starting to swirl for upcoming designs: white on black, geometry, macrame, amulets…



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Mood Indigo


I’ve been checking out ways to integrate some Indigo pattern and color elements into the Fall line.

I recently went to an Indigo dying workshop at Berkeley Art Museum’s cool, interactive THE POSSIBLE show with local Artist Aline Dargie. Indigo dying involves a fermenting pot of stinking dye and a lot of experimentation- Aline had all types of recycled bike parts, wood and string used to make shibori technique patterns.

the show:

workshops in SF:









24th Street


© Liz Caruana Photography

24th street has changed a lot since I first moved to the Mission in 1997… and since the studio is on the other side of the neighborhood, I don’t make it over there as much as I would like.

There’s more artisanal food there now (it used to be all Latino but is now mixed) and lots of cute shops and businesses catering to the new inhabitants. This neighborhood has lost a bit of its authenticity and some of the unique character it possessed 15 years ago- but it’s still got a lot of charm and a special, distinct personality.

We were in a bind planning our Spring 14 photo shoot (things were hectic and we planned it 2 days before)… and I’m really glad we decided to keep it super simple, super local, and focused on some great spots up and down the street. Thank you for your hospitality Explorist International Records, Adobe Book and Art Collective, St. Francis Fountain, and Taqueria Vallarta.

records1Explorist International: All the (underground) hits and more. 3174 24th St / (415) 678-5691


© Liz Caruana Photography



Adobe Books and Art: \This place is an SF cultural institution, and they’re doing better than ever in their new location. 3130 24th Street / 415.864.3936

adobe books and art collective

Cool teeshirts co-designed by artists involved in Adobe’s storied “Mission School” past.

Back cover

© Liz Caruana Photography

Hot nerds. Bird Dress above, Dove tee and Owl Bag below.

© Liz Caruana Photography



Photo portrait installation of locals and SF fixtures.

© Liz Caruana Photography

© Liz Caruana Photography


© Liz Caruana Photography

St Francis: Great for brunch and makes for a very FILM NOIR backdrop to our last shot.

© Liz Caruana Photography

New Totes Available Now!

© Liz Caruana Photography

Our organic tote bags are a great addition to your wardrobe. Featuring an inside pocket for stashing your keys and phone, and large enough to tote your laptop! Check out the new tote line-up on our site now!  Available for $55.95 here!

© Liz Caruana Photography

Mixtape- Alex’s Afternoon Delight


mixtape_banner delight

FluffyCo Fall 2013 Video!

FluffyCo Fall 2013 from FluffyCo on Vimeo.

this is for the weekend- urban air market


We are so thrilled to be involved in the Hayes Valley Urban Air Market this Sunday the 15th. We will be selling some of our staples alongside one of a kind pieces AND a $5 bin filled with treasures! Also, the first 30 people who come by will receive a 20% off coupon to our new collection online! We will be at booth 27 on Octavia st. between Hayes & Ivy. Come by anytime between 11am and 6pm to check out all of the 150 amazing local artists and food trucks who will be there!
Here’s a taste of what you will see this weekend! Above artists from top to bottom-left to right: Black House Project, Haej. Co, Lix Perle, Unique Indie, FluffyCo, Sirihansdotter, After Eleven Apparel, Poppyhearts, Rana Satori Designs.

Fall 2013 Collection available on our site now!



A little sale for your monday



Mixtape- Nicole’s Muzak roundup

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mixtape_bannerScreen shot 2013-09-05 at 5.29.23 PM

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