Bitcoin architecture terms and conditions

Participants understand and expressly agree that the Company shall not guarantee in any way that the Quantocoin Tokens might be sold or transferred during or after the Offering. Each Participant shall declare, bear and pay all taxes, duties, levies, tariffs and surcharges that might be imposed by the laws and regulations of any jurisdiction as a result of, or in connection with, the receipt, holding, use, purchase, appreciation, trading or divestment of the Quantocoin Tokens no matter whether purchased incidental to bitcoin architecture terms and conditions Offering or otherwise. Each Bitcoin architecture terms and conditions Tokens Participant should pay particular attention to the fact that, although the Quantocoin Tokens are established on the Blockchain, the Platform lies in cyberspace in the absence of a physical presence and, hence, do not fall within the full authority of any specific jurisdiction. Transactions complete once confirmed.

Our Bitcoin Processor will send a refund notification email to the email address associated with your Expedia booking if you were signed in at booking, your Expedia account email address; otherwise, the email address you bitcoin architecture terms and conditions at checkout. However, during the Offering Period, the Company has offered a special discount scheme as will be set forth in this Website prior to the commencement of the Pre-Sale of the Quantocoin Tokens. The loss or destruction of a private key required to access Blockchain assets may be irreversible. All such assignments are prohibited and shall not be deemed as valid or binding upon the Company or any third party.

Neither these Terms and Conditions nor any of the Quantocoin Tokens have been nor will be registered or filed under the securities laws or regulations of any jurisdiction or approved, recommended or disapproved by any regulatory bitcoin architecture terms and conditions, nor bitcoin architecture terms and conditions any such authority confirmed the accuracy or determined the adequacy of these Terms and Conditions. Participants may be from any jurisdiction in the world. If the amendments are not accepted, the User should immediately notify BitBay, in writing or by email, at the following email address: The Company is a newly-incorporated private limited company registered under the laws of England and Wales.

The effect of any future legal or regulatory change is impossible to predict, but such laws, regulations or directives may directly and negatively impact the business of the Company. The condition of correct adding of the funds to the User's Account by a bank transfer is a correct provision of the transfer title for each of the FIAT currencies. If the complaint does not contain information necessary for its consideration, BitBay shall ask the User to supplement it to the necessary extent, bitcoin architecture terms and conditions the period of 14 fourteen days shall run from the date of delivery of the completed complaint.

The deadlines for the amendments implementation may not be shorter than 7 days from the time when the Regulations amendment is made bitcoin architecture terms and conditions on the Website. Some factors may result in the increasing volatility of the market price of Quantocoin Tokens and may consequently compromise the long-term development of the Quantocoin Ecosystem. Under payments and over payments.

The Website does not guarantee and have never guaranteed a profit on changing the exchange rate difference of the cryptocurrencies. The suitability of the Blockchain networks on which the Company will rely could decline due to a variety of causes, adversely affecting the business or the functionality of the Quantocoin Tokens. The titles and subtitles used in these Terms and Conditions are used for convenient reference only and are not to be considered in construing or interpreting these Terms and Conditions.

Financial Services and Markets Act ofas amended. Cryptography is evolving, and the Company cannot guarantee absolute security at all times. Any loss of a private key relating to digital Wallets used to store Blockchain assets could have a material adverse effect on the business of the Company or individual holders of Quantocoin Tokens.

They are designed to be binding upon you as of the moment you access this Website. The Company is not responsible for any secondary market trading of Quantocoin Tokens, irrespective of the existence of such markets for Quantocoin Tokens. The Company assumes no liability in the event of damage or loss to hardware, software, personal data or the like, arising directly or indirectly from the use of any content, goods or services available on or through any such third—party website and resources. Nobody is able to foresee or guarantee bitcoin architecture terms and conditions precise result of an update, amendment, alteration or modification of such Platform. All and any disputes related to the services provided by BitBay bitcoin architecture terms and conditions be resolved by competent Polish courts of law.